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Yes, it is once again that special time of year where people who are clever enough to pull one over on their unsuspecting friends and family members will get the chance to make themselves look cool, and their victims look like idiots. Many of you may be surprised to learn that the act of pulling pranks on someone one day a year, like April Fools Day, has been popular around the globe for centuries.

If you're looking to pull a few pranks on someone, we can think of no better way to do it than with one of oiur funny t-shirts! Believe it or not, a funny t shirt can be a remarkably deceptive (and hilarious) way to pull a prank on someone. As a matter of fact, our shirt designs are so clever, that they will even work on sober individuals! Awesome, isn't it?

 You know what would be hysterical to do to someone? Convince them that you've got a cute little puppy in your pocket. No no, this isn't another joke. This is serious! If you wear our brand new Pocket Puppy tee, you could just end up fooling someone into thinking that you're carrying around a teeny tiny little pet! Yes, that is a real pocket. Pretty convincing isn't it? And cute! It's a little puppy. We think we'll call him Fred. Hi Fred!!



Want to see what it looks like up close? Of course you do!


What's better than convincing someone that you're carrying around an animal? The first thing that comes to mind is convincing someone that you ARE the animal. See where we're going with this? In keeping with the dog motif that we've developed, we're going to show you our brand new Ask Me About My Shar Pei flip up t-shirt. Not only is it utterly adorable, but you also do not need to own a Shar Pei to wear it. This super soft cotton item comes in men's and ladies slim sizes, and will feel as comfortable as any vintage style tee.



Okay, okay, we're going to take a break from dogs for a bit. Instead, we're going to show you something that if you gave to someone as a joke, they'd probably end up punching you. And justifiably so! We're talking about our new World's Greatest Ex Wife tee, which is available in both wolmens slim and unisex options. Some people may be foolish enough to use this item as a joke (we wouldn't recommend it!), but most will wear this as a badge of honor. If you're one of those awesome women who dropped a few hundred pounds of dead weight and is eager to move on with your life, this one's for you!


Another cool thing to do on April Fools is to take advantage of any natural situation. As any good comedian will tell you, making use of your surroundings is a great way to enhance the laughter. With March Madness winding down and a new season of Baseball on the way, we decided to take our ultra soft maternity shirts, and incorporate a little sports into them. Down below you'll see our brand new Basketball Bump and Baseball Laces designs. Funny maternity shirts like these could be the best way to not only make the lovely expecting mom in your life look awesome, but to get everyone around you to do a double-take as well!



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