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Greetings and salutations ladies and germs, and welcome to the best darn clothing and apparel related blog on the internet! We've got some fantastic new items for you today, and these ones are geared towards your children! Today's blog post is all about funny kids t-shirts.

With a number of us here at CrazyDog being parents, we know what a complete pain in the butt it can be to buy something cool for a son or daughter. While trends may change, there are some things that will always remain constnat. Kids will always want to laugh, which is where we come in. Anyone who is looking to buy funny t-shirts online for their kids is going to find a ton of cool, graphic, and vintage inspired options for every taste and preference. We know how picky children can be, which is why we have an incredibly large selection to offer!

Today we've got three new children's t-shirts for you to check out, the first of which is our new Girlfriend Problems design. This simple design is funny, and exclusive to CrazyDog! All of the youth shirts that we print are made up of an ultra soft blend, and come in sizes small through extra large. If you have any questions as to fit, make sure you check out our size chart. Shopping for your little ones can be difficult enough without having to take a total shot in the dark as to fit.



Ready for the most obvious question of all time? Okay, here goes! What's one thing that all children seem to like no matter what? The answer of course is pizza. Another new tee that we rolled out this week is our I'm Here for Pizza text design. Screen printed in-house on a cool yellow shirt, this fashionable piece of youth apparel will let anyone know that this little one means business. It's pizza, or nothing else!


Some boys and girls live for the thrill of camping outdoors, hunting, fishing, or taking a hike on a nature trail. And then there are those who just want to sit inside on a nice comfortable chair with their video games and Blu-Ray collection. We can respect that, which is why we came up with this awesome new Not Outdoorsy tee. This cool shirt could make the perfect gift for anyone who wants to have a blast with their friends from the comfort of their living room.


Whether you are shopping for a birthday, a graduation, or some other kind of special event, we hope you take the time to see how buying funny t-shirts online from us could help you out. Not only is it often less expensive than buying at the store, but we have a much larger selection. From the cute looks to completely silly ones, we think you're going to love our brand kids selection! Come and get it, parents!