Hello moms and other expecting parents! With less than 48 hours until Black Friday sales kick off, we wanted to talk to all of the expecting mothers out there on the interwebs! Whether you're pregnant, and expecting a little bundle of joy, or you happen to have a friend or relative that is, we think you should check out some of our newest funny maternity shirts.

Rather than go for the same thing as other apparel companies do, we decided to make our maternity clothing funny. Anyone can make cute clothing, and while some of our pregnancy tees are quite adorable, we like to focus a lot of our energy on making our customers laugh. We could go on forever out these super soft ringspun cotton shirts, but we'd rather show you!

 This new pregnancy shirt is perfect for anyone who is expecting, and wants to show off their baby bump during the holiday season. It's our beautiful new Best Gift Ever funny matenrity shirt. Like all of the shirts for expecting moms that we offer on our website, this item comes in sizes small through 2XL.


Speaking of the winter time, you know what would be really cute? A snowman picture on your baby bump! Thoughts like those are what led to the creation of this beautiful new Snowman Face maternity shirt. Seriously, who wouldn't want to wear this one during the winter months?


Last but not least, we've got a baby bump shirt that will make anyone burst out with either laughter or a case of the "Aww's!" Seriously, how cute is this one? It's our new Footprints pregnancy shirt design, and it is beyond cute. Like all of the shirts that we have in our maternity section, this item comes with ruched sides for additional comfort. After all, the last thing that you should ever have to deal with during your pregnancy is feeling uncomfortable.


Thanks for checking us out! We hope you all have a great Wednesday, and a happy Thanksgiving!!