Greetings one and all, and welcome once again to the CrazyDog Blog! Today we're here to talk about how you can totally own the next baby shower you attend. While most would never want to admit it out loud, everyone secretly wants it to be their gift that kills when the mother-to-be and everyone else once it's opened. With our selection of funny baby shirts and creepers, you can do just that!

Before we continue, we want to remind you once again about the two promo codes that are still live on our website. Our Buy2Get2 code is perfect for anyone who wants to get four or more items. Place them in your cart, enter that code, and you'll see the cost of two of the tees deducted immediately. If you want just one or two items however, we suggest using our 20PLEASE code. That one takes 20% right off the top! Many of you have already put these codes to use when buying our funny maternity shirts, so why not try it with items designed for babies?

Let's start with something adorable, shall we? Take a look at our brand new I Love You to the Moon infant baby creeper. It comes in four different sizes, and will look utterly amazing on your baby boy or girl. This item also perfectly captures how expecitng parents feel about their baby long before her or she is born and in their arms. Pretty, cute, don't you think? Bonus! This design also comes on one of our super soft I Love You to the Moon maternity shirt!


If the perseon or couple you're shopping for happens to be a sports fan, we'd like to steer your attention to this beautiful new item! It's our Baseball Laces Baby Creeper. Can you think of anything that will get more giggles than to see your little baby boy or girl dressed up as a baseball? Add in the high quality blended apparel, and you've got a recipe for one comfortable and stylish infant one-piece!


Strap yourselves in moms and dads, because we're about to turn up the funny! If you're going to an event where you just know the parents are going to have one of those movie star good looking babies, we think that you will love these next two items. Our I Get it From My Dada and I Get it From My Mama baby creepers both come in the same standard four sizes, and are screen printed in-house by our team of expert printers. Whether you or the couple you know is going to have a son or daughter, we've got options for both!




Next is our hysterical new Baby Food Boobs Pyramid design. Personally, we think that this is probably the most accurate baby food pyramid ever constructed. We thought about submitting it to the AMA and local nutritionists, but we didn't think they would take us seriously. If you or someone you know is expecting a little bundle of joy, and has a wicked sense of humor, we think it's a safe bet that this item will go over beautifully!

And finally, we have a cute little baby t-shirt for you to check out. Like the creepers that you've seen on this list and on our website, our infant tees come in four comfortable sizes, and should have no trouble fitting most children between the ages of three and twenty-four months of age. Feast your eyes on our super cool The Snuggle is Real baby shirt. Beautiful, isn't it?


Thanks again to all of you who took the time to check out some of our newest funny infant t-shirts and creepers. Whether you're eagerly awaiting a baby shower, or you and your family are counting down the days until you welcome a new son or daughter into your home, we think that you'll truly enjoy the collection of products that we have. Make sure that you use those promo codes!!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!