Greetings one and all, and welcome back to the best freakin' funny t-shirt blog on the internet! Today we're here to talk about our brand new collection of school t-shirts. Yes, we know that the back to school shopping season may be over for many people, but the actual amount of time you're going to be in class is much longer than a few weeks, unless you're one of those child prodigies.

Speaking of brains, it doesn't take much to know that our Buy2Get2 promo code is an amazing deal. Be sure to enter that coupon code on the checkout page once you've selected the four items you want. You'd have to be a dummy to want to pass up getting two items for free, in our humble opinion!

We have eight awesome new school tees that we feel many of you would find amazing. First up is our Doctor School t-shirt, which is perfect for aspiring medical professionals. Nothing is better than showing up in something that is not only more comfrotable than scrubs, but more attractive as well! Men's, women's, and kids sizes are available now!


Next up is another one for doctors, albeit a different type. Our brand new Doctor Who School shirt is amazing for people who want to hop into a blue box with their favorite companion and save people throughout time and space. Sounds like a pretty good time, doesn't it? We don't know your opinion, but we think that you just can't beat the deep yellow ink on our navy blue ringspun cotton.


Moving from science fiction to fantasy, have you ever thought about what it would be like to go to Wizarding School? This beautiful red cotton shirt features another exclusive graphic design that cannot be found anywhere else. Again, men's, women's slim (juniors), and kids style tees are all available.


Speaking of awesome fantasy characters, what would you say about the possibility of going to Unicorn School? Our brand new Unicorn School t-shirt is cute, funny, and looks absolutely stunning. Thanks to our high heat curing process, you won't have to worry about your new cool shirt flaking or fading away after a few trips through the washing machine.


Let's brighten things up a bit, shall we? From navy blue cotton to royal blue cotton, it's our beautiful new Mermaid School t-shirt. This particular item is only available in our ladies slim and youth styles. Sorry guys. If this one ever comes in our men's modern fit, we'll be sure to let you know.


Another design strictly available for the women and children, it's our beautiful new Princess School tee. This item features our signature hot pink on black ringspun cotton. It's worth mentioning however that all of youth sizes we sell are actually made of a 50/50 blend of polyester and cotton. Fear not parents, because these items are just as soft and durable as the ones marketed to adults.


Who hasn't dreamed about what it would be like to live their life as a pampered pet in a nice home? It's thoughts like this that led to the creation of our super cute Kitty School t-shirt. A cool design that is available in all three of our normal shirt styles. Make sure that you grab one of these funny tees for the crazy cat person in your life. Sure, it'll get covered with cat hair, but it'll be worth it to see the smile on their face when they open it.



 The eighth and final soft tee was created for anyone who wants nothing more than to spend their time rocking out. It's our fun new Rockstar School t-shirt. We don't care if you're into punk, metal, classic, or blues. Everyone wonders what it would be like to become a rockstar, and this funny design could be a great way to begin your path towards becoming a true jukebox hero!


Thank you all for taking the time to sneak and peek at these fabulous new graphic tees. Make sure that you use that awesome lil Buy2Get2 coupon code. You never know when you may suddenly want to take home four funny t-shirts for the price of two. A few of these new items is all you'll need to feel like you're ready to rule the school of your choice!