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Are you a worried dad that cannot stand the thought of losing your little girl to some little jerk? It's okay, you can be honest with us. This is a safe place. This funny Not Allowed to Date Ever shirt is perfect. Like all of our kids tees, this item comes in four different sizes, and is designed to fit most children with ease. 


Is your son or daughter a movie geek? Do they whip around homemade laser swords around the house? We can empathize with them. As a matter of fact, that's how we usually spend our breaks here around the office. Sometimes it gets pretty rough, especially when we all realize that we cannot actually use the force. Sigh... Our fantastic Jedi Like My Father Before Me youth t-shirt is perfect for any kid who loves great blockbuster and science fiction films!


You want to impress your math teacher this year? We think that you should take a look at our classic Name the Triangles Youth tee. Whether you need a youth small or an extra large, we've got something for you on the shelves. We also offer this deisgn in an adult style too, if you happen to be a math teacher and want to intimidate your class on the first day, we think that you're going to love this one.


Are you shopping for a middle school or high school age student? If so, you'll probably want to head over to our funny men's t-shirts or funny women's t-shirts sections. If you're going for classic and hilarity all at once, we suggest our Bacon Chemistry shirt. This element design is screen printed in house on ultra soft red ringspun cotton, and is available in both our men's and women's slim adult sizes.


We'd be remiss if we left you today without mentioning a cool shirt for all of you lovable grammar nazi's out there! It's our classic Silently Correcting Your Grammar t-shirt! Without a doubt, it is the funny tee that is destined to get a laugh out of your English teacher in school. Like the math-centric item we mentioned earlier on this list, we think this tee would be a fantastic choice for any high school teacher or college professor to wear as they try to get their pupils to realize what exactly a semicolon is for.


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