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Greetings and happy Monday to you all! Welcome to the best funny t-shirt blog on the internet! Yesterday was the first day of spring, and today we're going to be showing you several of our favorite new shirts. Each of these cool new designs is not only tailor made to make you laugh, but to ellict a serious case of the giggles from anyone else around you. Screen printed in-house by our incredible team of experienced printers, each piece of apparel you see here today is made up of the same soft, high quality ringspun cotton that you have come to expect from us. Let's get into it, shall we?

Take a look at our super cute Official Cinco De Mayo Tee Shirt! Featuring an original, festive design on a yellow tee, this item is sure to get smiles as you head on out to celebrate one of the most incredible holidays of the year. Cinco de Mayo may be a Mexican holiday, but you'd be hard pressed to find a group of people in the United States that don't like to get in on the fun. This item comes in both our men's and ladies slim fit styles. Sorry kids, but you're going to have to sit this one out. No worries though, because we have some items that will help you out further down!



 As spring arrives, so does the better weather, and if there's one thing that good weather is helpful with, it's allowing astronauts to blast off into outer space. (Bet you didn't think we were going there, did ya?) Space travel is one of the few things that has captured the hearts and minds of ever generation since the 1950's. It's that feeling that we wanted to capture with our brand new Astronaut Text Graphic t shirt. For the time being, this spacey design (See what we did there?) comes on our men's adult and youth style tees.


Another thing that spring weather is good for? Gardening! Gardening, and playing around outside in the fresh air. This new funny t-shirt has a great original design, a cute pun, and will look great on both you and your kids. Want to play outside? Gopher it! Get it? Gopher it? He he he! Ahem, anyways! Below you'll see what this funny t-shirt looks like on our youth tees. The design is 100% exclusive to our website, and comes on our soft brown cotton.



Lord Tennyson described spring as a time when a young man's fancy lightly turned to thoughts of love. That's quite true, but do you know what else it turns to? The hell of serial dating. For every perfect match, there are tons of terrible ones. Thoughts like that are what allowed us here at CrazyDog to come up with our funny new Date Dump Repeat design, shown below in our signature ladies slim fit. While we're mentioning it, be sure to consult the size chart on the product page. Our ladies tees tend to run a bit snug, and we tend to recommend ordering a size or two up if you're worried about fit. Don't worry fellas, we didn't forget about all of the (proverbial) frogs that you have to kiss too. This one also comes in our unisex style men's shirt.


While most people think that the NSA and Santa Claus do all of the spying, but everyone forgets about the Easter Bunny. He's watching you took, so you'd better behave yourself. If you're not on your best behavior, the Easter bunny won't bring you any colored eggs, or chocolate. Okay, he probably still will, but we're trying to sell some shirts here. Hyperbole is perfectly acceptable! Our new The Easter Bunny is Watching You tee comes in two styles, multiple sizes, and will look awesome on you as you go off and hunt for your Easter basket!


We hope you all enjoyed this blog, and will take the time to check out all of our newest designs. Remember to take advantage of our Buy2Get2 promotional code while you can. You won't find a better deal that that anywhere else on the internet! Happy Monday!!