There has been an awakening. Have you felt it?

No, we're not talking about the new Star Wars movie, although that is pretty good too. Today we're talking about the premiere of Supergirl. It was pretty cool, wasn't it? Some of us were watching it, and it made us feel like little kids again. Not only is it a character that has never been done justice on the big or small screens. Seeing Kara Zor-El flying around, beating the crap out of criminals, and standing up to a genuine supervillain was absolutely fantastic.

The producers of the show went deep too. Not only did they nail the look and feel of the show, but they also included the Element of Kryptonite. It's a pretty strong element, considering that it can take down a Kryptonian. It also makes for one heck of a stylish t-shirt, wouldn't you agree?



Of course, not every woman wants to be a super hero, which is perfectly fine. The beautiful thing about today's world is that anyone can be anything they want to be. For instance, some people would rather devote themselves to their educations. Whether it's science or mathematics, we've got plenty of cool t-shirts that will help any fantastic young student set herself apart in class. Check out these lovely ladies here. They're wearing our Stand Back I'm Going to Try Science shirt, and they look amazing while doing it. 


You know what else is a great goal? Getting healthy and physically fit! We would do stuff like that, but we're too busy making tank tops and shirts for people who are. If we can make it a little easie for someone like you to achieve your goals while also making you laugh, then we have done our jobs! Take a look at our classic I Flexed and the Sleeves Fell Off tank top. Pretty snazzy, isn't it?


Thanks for checkout out our blog! Now go out there and be super girls, ladies! Just don't try flying. We're pretty sure that that won't work, unless you have a fantastic special effects team in your corner.