Greetings and salutationes once again folks, and welcome back to the best funny t-shirt blog on the internet! Today we here to talk about cats. Just because this place is called CrazyDog T-shirts doesn't meant that we don't appreciate other kinds of pets! A number of our employees are normal, dedicated kitty owners. Well, most are normal, and then there's Paulina. She's legit obsessed with her kitty's. It's cute, but we are starting to get worried about her. In any event, we wanted to show you how our love of cute cat shirts has changed over the years. We're going to start off with some of our newest designs and work our way back. 

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This first design might have a bit of a retro flair, but it actually happens to be our newest item to date. It's our 3 Cat Yarn Stars Portrair t-shirt. Cute, isn't it? The black ringspun cotton is as soft as any cute kitten's fur, only our tees don't shed! This item is available in men's, women's slim (juniors), and kids styles. 



Do you ever look down at your kitty and see perfection? If so, you'll love our new I Am Purrrrfect T-shirt. Available solely in our adult women's slim and men's modern shirt styles, this heather grey tee could be the ideal gift for anyone who knows a cat lover with a birthday coming up. Rememeber to meow a lot when they open it up.


It wouldn't be a blog at CrazyDog without a funny maternity shirt, and this one is perfect for feline lovers. Our brand new Sleeping Cat Baby Bump Maternity Shirt is great for any expecting mother! We know that being pregnant often means a constant struggle to find comfortable clothes, which is why all of our maternity shirts have ruched sides and come in five comfy sizes. Thanks to the same soft ringspun cotton available on our regular adult tees, you won't have any trouble feeling relaxed and happy no matter what trimester you're in, or how many cats are crawling on your bump.


Moving back in time a bit, we've got an extra funny one for all of you who happen to be avid readers and/or writers in addition to being cat owners. Our classic Lets Eat Kitty Shirt is not only cool and creative, but it also teaches people a valuable lesson. If you don't have thorough command of grammar and punctuation, you could end up inadvertantaly eating a cat. Yuck! This soft heather tri-blend shirt comes in both of our standard adult sizes!


Have you ever wanted to carry a kitty around in your pocket? Everyone has. Featuring a real pocket on the left side of the chest and an adorable graphic peeking out, our Pocket Kitten t-shirt could be the greatest gift that you ever get someone ever. No, for real. It doesn't get any cuter.



 Ladies, are you looking for something stylish to work out in? Take a look at one of our favorite terry style women's tank tops! Our Check Meowt Workout Terry Tank Tank Top comes in sizes small through 2XL. Please note that while our french terry tanks are not as stretchy as the standard fitness tank tops that we offer on our website they are just as soft, comfortable, and breathable. This one will look stunning whether you're going for a run, out to the pilates studio, or you just want to relax with your favorite feline on the couch.



Taking our imaginary TARDIS a bit further back in time, we wanted to take a moment to show you our hilarious Schrodingers Cat shirt. The original graphic looks fantastic on our signature dark grey. Not only does it work well for physics students, but it also could work beautifully for pet owners as well. Don't worry students, we're still working on figuring out what kind of animal would look good on a Heisenbergs Uncertanty Principle t-shirt. 



With Christmas on the horizon, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to plug one of our favorite ugly Christmas sweater designs. Our last item is a super soft red cotton tee that comes in men's and women's slim styles, and is perfect for any ugly sweater parties you may be going to throughout the holiday season. Not only is our 8 Bit Cat shirt pretty and fun to look at, but it is also much more comfortable than most of the wool items people wear around the holidays.





And that will do it for today's blog post! Even if you're a total dog person, odds are that a few of these brought a smile to your face. Make sure that you remember to use the aforementioned promo code at checkout. When it comes to shopping online, you need to know that you're taking your business to a company that you can trust. Here at CrazyDog, we've gone to great lengths to protect our both our customers and website. Not only is your information safe with us, but you will never have to pay those high prices that many of our competitors insist on putting up.

Thanks for visiting us, and have a happy and meowy Monday!