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Well greetings and heartfelt salutations ladies and germs, and welcome to the CrazyDog T-shirts Friday the 13th funny t-shirt extravaganza! Today we're going to be talking about one of the most spooky, and insane days of the year. Friday the 13th is not only a pop culture phenomenon, but it's also covered with more weird facts than the Guiness Book of World Records. Seriously, did you know that there's an actual fear of Friday the 13th, and that it's called paraskevidekatriaphobia? But we digress...

We're here of course to talk about some of our favorite funny Friday the 13th t-shirts. Whether you're looking for something great to wear the next time the eponymous date rolls around, or you're just a fan of all the pop culture that surrounds it, we know that we've got some awesome stuff for you here in today's blog post. So let's get too it, shall we?

 Fun Run at Camp Crystal Lake

This classic CrazyDog design is one of our all time favorites. It's one of the coolest things that we've ever come up with. The original design is one of the best that our team of artists has ever come up with, and it's reflected by just how popular this design has become over the years. What's more is that the super soft ringspun cotton material will keep you feeling comfy as you head on out to scare people. Men's and women's slim (juniors) styles are available now in a huge range of sizes!


Camp Crystal Lake Counselor

Interested at being a counselor for a bunch of awesome kids? No? Well, what if we told you that the job probably wouldn't last very long. For some reason, the kids just seem to keep disappearing from good ole' Camp Crystal Lake. While we think this job is the perfect one to have on Friday the 13th, we have heard that others wouldn't touch it with a sixty foot pole. Either way, it still makes for one heck of a cool t-shirt, don't you think?


Summer 1980 Camp Crystal Lake

Speaking of Camp Crystal Lake, what about this hilarious t-shirt? This ultra soft cotton number has a great retro vibe. We love coming up with funny vintage t shirts, and consider this one to be one of our finest in a long time. If you know someone who has a favorite vintage style tee, we recommend getting this one as a gift. Not only will it fulfill that 80's nostalgia, but it will also look great as well!


T.G.I. Friday the 13th

 Last but not least is our scary T.G.I. Friday the 13th t-shirt, which is perfect for people who want to remember what this special day is really about. It's not just about full moons and an increase in the number of visits to the emergency room. It's about a psychopathic killer in a bloody hockey mask with a machete who catchs up to drunk teenagers without ever having to run. At least, that what we think it should be about. What do YOU think, smartypants?

Thank you for taking a look at today's blog post! If you're looking for something spooky and fun to wear, we think you should also take a look at our selection of funny Halloween shirts. You never know what might leap out (metaphorically speaking, of course!) and grab you. Before you go, make sure that you remember to plug in our Buy2Get2 coupon code at checkout. If you're looking to buy funny t-shirts online, you simply won't find a better off anywhere on the net!

Happy Friday the 13th!