Hello everyone, and thanks for coming back once again to check out our blog post. Normally, this is where we would crack a few jokes, show off some of our newest funny t-shirts and hoodies, and try our best to make you laugh before you go back to your day. We're skipping all of that today, because there's something else on our minds. Don't worry people, we'll get back to the puns and corny humor tomorrow. In the meantime, there's just something we have to talk about.

Like many of you, we sat back in absolute horror as we watched the attacks in Paris, France unfold. Like our friends in countries like Britain and Israel, it's a scene that we here in the United States have become far too familiar with over the past decade and a half. Sadly, 2015 was the year that France joined that list as a routine target.

10 months ago, we wrote on our old blog about the attack on Charlie Hebdo in Paris. As a company that makes it's bones on freedom of speech, it was something that really hit home with us. Like the rest of the world, we were proud to see the people of France rise up and stand proud in the face of oppression. Sadly, we had to watch a much worse scene unfold last Friday. 

The attacks that Paris experienced last week were its worst since World War II, and it seems as though every one in the world has been grieving in their own way. Some people post supportive messages on social media. Others trying to find a reputable organization to get involved with or donate to. For most however, it is just about sitting and coming to terms with what has happened, and what will happen in the future.

On almost any given day here at CrazyDog T-shirts, our offices, warehouse, and print floor is awash with friendly conversation and laugher. It's an environment where we are fortunate enough to be able to play while we work. Despite the fun that we have every day, it's not lost on us how lucky we are. Like all of our friends in Europe who now have to deal with radical extremism and violence, we are all blessed to be where were are, doing what we do.

From what we've seen over the past few days, we know that both the French government and the people who elected it will triumph. Not only have they shown tremendous resolve, but they are also taking the fight directly to the enemy. And while we know that many of you out there deplore violence (trust us, we understand), we know that there comes a point when you have to stop people who have these belief's from ever being able to hurt you again.

We're with you, Paris. We are with you, and so is the rest of the world. 

Je Suis Paris.



Thanks for checkout out our blog again, people. We promise, we'll be back to the jokes tomorrow. Happy Monday, everyone!