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(UPDATE! Several of the t-shirts on this page are discontinued. You can still find many others by clicking here!)

Greetings and salutatios ladies and germs! 2016 is an election year, and the first primary contests are two weeks ago. If you don't mind, we're going to step onto our little soap box and rattle off our position on values. Don't worry, we're not going to actually get into our own political views. As a matter of fact, if you want to tease everyone, it kind of helps not to have any.

For today's blog post, we're going to prattle on about the wonderful world of funny political t-shirts. We're always coming up with new ideas and designs, and have several awesome new ones to show off to you. For you liberals and conservatives who are ready to write a complaint about us favoring one particular party, fear not! No side of the specturm will be left unscathed. Now then, on with this beautiful collection of cotton tees!

Can't Stump the Trump

If there's one thing that everyone learned throughout the course of 2015, it's that you really can't stump the Trump. The real estate mogul turned political candidate has run one of the most dominant campaigns that we've ever seen. So why not join in on the fun? Everyone else in the world has!

Hill Yeah Hillary Clinton T-shirt


It was a phrase cried out by everyone one of her detractors when they saw her poll numbers beginning to drop last December. It's also something uttered by her fans at every campaign stop. This retro style tee comes in both men's and women's sizes, and is available now on our website! 

Feel the Bern

One by one, people who have questioned whether or not Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders could mount a realistic campaign have come to feel the Bern. Get it? Bern? That's a play on his name, and it's really funny. This design is also available on ladies terry tank tops and men's fittness tank tops!

Oooh Bern! Bernie Sanders Shirt

Colonel Whoops! We mean Senator. Sanders has gone from being a joke on the late night circuit to mouting a serious threat to the Clinton campaign. Personally, we're just amazed at how cool a parody sketch of his head looks on one of our shirts. It's pretty sweet looking, isn't it? As Bernie would say, it's about as sweet as universal healthcare!

Ask Me About Hillary Clinton Flip T-shirt

Have you ever wanted see what it's like to be someone who is running for president? It's easy! All you have to do is slapping on one of these flip up t-shirts, and then just imagine that half of the country hates your guys no matter what you do or say. Pretty simple, isn't it?

Make Saint Pattie's Day Great Again

Swinging back to the other side of the aisle, we come to our Make Saint Patrick's Day Great Again design. One of our newest funny Saint Patrick's Day designs, this shirt comes on our signature green colored cotton, and will shock and amazing people at the local Irish pub. Of course, they'll probably be so drunk that they may end up asking you why Donald Duck is on your shirt.

World's Okayest Democrat

Some people get into politics with the passion of a bloodthirsty Klingon before battle. Others remember to go out and vote just before the polls close after they're reminded that it's election day by the local 6:00 o'cock news. If you're one of those individuals, this item is for you!

World's Okayest Republican 

Same thing, just for members of the GOP.


Thanks for taking the time to check out our collection of election year tees. Remember, if you want to save big on your next purchase, make sure that you enter promo code Buy2Get2 at checkout. You'll get four of our cool shirts for the price of two. Try getting that kind of deal from Congress!