Nothing is better than being wrapped up in a warm hoodie, wouldn't you agree? One reason that we feel that way is because today happens to be International Hoodie Day. Well, by international, we actually mean just here inside of CrazyDog T-shirts HQ here in Rochester, New York.

Today we wanted to show you a bunch of what happens when you wrap yourself in one of our super soft hoodies, such as this brand new one here! Remember our classic World's Tallest Elf design? Well, now it's available on one of our amazingly cool and warm hoody's.


We should warn you that if you try on one of these slick new numbers, you run the risk of feeling extremely comfortable. We're not just talking moderate comfort here. We're talking the kind of feels that make it hard to get up. Not that you'll be weighed down. The only reason that you won't wan to get up is because of the fact that you will feel so warm and comfortable. Some people have felt such extreme levels of content that they have worn the same piece of apparel for days. We don't care if you do this, but please try to keep in mind that your friends and neighbors may begin to wonder about you.

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Have a good day, and please, Save the Narwhals!