Hello and welcome one and all! We're here to talk about something that is near and dear to many of our hearts. Yes, funny t shirts are up there on the list, but today we're talking about popular movies and TV shows. Believe it or not, if you didn't have any more movie and tV shirts, aliens would eat your pets, all matter would invert and the world would explode! Okay, maybe that's not quite the truth, but we did focus group it.

If you want to dress in apparel that honors some of your favorite programs and films, we here at CrazyDog T-shirts have the perfect selection for you to chose from. For today's blog post, we've got five of our favorite designs!

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Have you ever taken a look at our Prestige Worldwide Boats & Hoes shirt? The original design works really well on the light blue ringspun cotton, don't you think? Sorry young ones, but this design is not currently available in our men's and women's slim fit tees only. You'll just have to wait until you grow up enough to be able to try one of those ones on. Pretty sweet, isn't it? 


Our second cool shirt is perfect for both movie and sports fanatics. Not only is it a super soft and comfortable tee, but it also contains a few words of wisdom. There's No Crying in Baseball. It's a solemn reminder that if you ever do end up crying during the course of a baseball game, Tom Hanks will come out and yell at you. Our men's tee will fit you like a normal unisex shirt, and is available in sizes small through 5XL. If you're looking for something a tad on a slimmer side, you should check out our ladies slim style. FYI, it is a tad on the slimmer side. There's no need to burst into tears kids, because our No Crying in Baseball design also comes in four youth sizes!


 The third design that we've got in store for you is our Attempted Murder t-shirt. No, we're not advocating any kind of criminal activitiy. This is one of our classic Game of Thrones parody designs. Get it? Murder? Crows? C'mon! We put a lot of thought into that one. Don't tell us that it doesn't at least make you smile. Whether you're a diehard fan of Jon Snow, or you just watch to see which fan favorite is going to meet a terrible demise each week, we are right there with you. Our office is filled with fans, which is why we put so much care into our designs.


 Not only does it make for one fantastic design, but it also makes for multiple summer blockbusters. Our awesome Chemical Element for Iron Man t shirt is the ultimate tribute for any comic book movie fanboy. No matter which side of the classic fight you happen to be on, we think that you're going to love putting this one on. Not only will you feel good enough to try and stop an evil villain from doing their nefarious deeds (not recommended, BTW), but you will look awesome as well. Looks cool enough to be made of iron, huh man?


The fifth and awesome design that we've got for you is one of our favorite maternity shirts. It also parodies what is perhaps the biggest and best selling movie franchise of all time. Do you happen to know one of those pregnant moms who looks down at her baby bump and says "The Force is Strong With This One?" Are you yourself one of those moms? If so, then pat yourself on the back, because you're automatically cool for life in our club. This beautiful funny maternity shirt comes in sizes small through 2XL, and is made up of the same soft ringspun cotton that our normal tees are made up of. The big difference is that our pregnancy tees have ruched sides, which helps them to cover your baby and it's bump for the maximum level of comfort possible.


Thanks to each and every single one of you awesome folks for check out today's blog post. If you want to know where to go to buy funny t-shirts online, you should check out the rest of the awesome designs that we've got on our website. Remember to use the promotional code that we mentioned above! Why buy two shirts, when you can get four of them for the same price?