At first glance, it seems pretty silly, doesn't it? A blog post promoting the wonderful world of workout tank tops in the middle of winter? Why not? Unless you're going to be climbing a snow covered mountain like Sylvester Stallone during the training montage in Rocky IV, you'll probably be doing the majority of your exercise indoors.

Last year, we started rolling out a new line of yoga tank tops. While our normal fitness tank tops are made of a 100% cotton blend, a large number of the new yoga style tanks that we rolled out are made of a high quality blend of cotton and polyester. The result is a soft, lightweight, and comfortable blend that is reminiscent of the terry style tank tops that have become all the rage in the fashion world. Today we're going to show you a few of each!

Not only are ours less pricey, but they are also pretty funny. Who wouldn't want to wear something cute to the studio or gym? If you had the chance to look amazing and get a chuckle while you burn off some unneeded calories, wouldn't you take it? We know we certainly would. 

Some of you may want to buy a few for yourself before you head back to the gym. Others may want to buy a few dozen for your next corporate wellness event. Either way, we're happy to help. If you have any questions, don't be afraid to drop us a line and ask! Now then, let's take a look at some of our new favorites, shall we?


 While we may normally be known for our funny t-shirts and designs, we have on occasion been known to come up with things that are truly beautiful. Check out our Interconnection Tiger terry style tank top. This beautiful tank top comes in sizes small through 2XL, and will look absolutely striking on you as you strut into the pilates studio.


Do you love to go running? That's good, because it's amazing exercise! The one thing that people struggle with when it comes to distance running is finding the proper motivation. That's why we came up with this fantastic looking Run like T-Rex Got Out tank top. Available solely in women's sizes, this super soft top is perfect for any dedicated runner. 


Want to get a laugh from someone while your working out? We've got the perfect political parody item right here in the form of our new Feel the Bern design. This new tank top comes in both our classic fitness shirt, as well as our terry style tank top. This super cute top will be sure to get a laugh from anyone who see it at the gym, out on the trail, or at the yoga studio. And since Bernie Sanders happens to be doing well in the polls, you may just get a high five or two from supporters on the street. 



Last but not least, it's one of our most popular items of all time. Our classic I Flexed and the Sleeves Fell Off tank top is available in men's an women's styles, and has been shown off by countless individuals across various social media platforms for years. This item comes in a wide range of sizes, and is available in either navy or heather grey. 

Thanks for checking us out once again. Remember, our special Buy2Get2 promo code is still active. Enter it at checkout and get two tees for free when purchasing two. Happy Wednesday!