Cute & Funny T-shirts for Animal Lovers, Campers, and Environmental Activists!

by William Kingston

Greetings and a happy Monday to all of you out there and welcome back to the best darn funny t-shirt website and blog on the internet! Today we're here for all of you people who love animal, the outdoors, and spending time outdoors in all of mother nature's splendor. A number of us here at CrazyDog T-shirts are huge animal lovers. Whether we're talking about rescue dogs or animals on the verge of extinction, we've got people here behind the scenes with a passion for it. Today we're here to show you the best of our newest and classic graphic tees.

Are you a lover of deep sea marine life? Who isn't, right? Whether you're talking about a gigantic blue whale or a teeny tiny little baby bottlenose dolphin, it's amazing to watch these cute, intelligent creatures swim around and talk to each other in ways that we haven't even begun to fully understand. The first one we have for you today is our funny new Save the Sea Panda's tee shirt, which not only features a completely original design, but comes on the softest ringspun cotton out there!

Save the Sea Pandas

What do you say when you try and tell people how awesome marine mammals are and they just don't care? Oh Whale! (Get it?) Our clever new Oh Whale t-shirt is ideal for men, women, and kids who love both whales and puns. This cute shirt comes in 17 different sizes from a youth small and women's slim large all the way up to an adult men's 5XL. 

Oh whale funny shirt

Up next is something specifically for the pet owner community. While people may disappoint us from time to time, one thing that never seems to let us down is the wonderful world of rescue animals. A great many of us here at Crazy Dog are rescue animal owners, which is why we create cool t-shirts like this one. Our Relationship Goals Cat tee comes in both our adult guys and girls styles on our ultra soft heather gray cotton apparel. Pretty cool, huh? Doesn't it just make you want to go home and cuddle your little four legged friends? Meow!

Relationship goals funny t-shirt

With the relentless pounding of winter finally over and the nice weather finally showing itself, people all across the country and heading out to the camp grounds. Whether you prefer pitching a tent or hanging out in a cabin, we've got a ton of funny camping graphic designs that you'll love, such as our brand new I Heart Camping design.

I heart camping

Our fifth and final shirt perfectly encapsulates what we believe is the reason that so many people love to spend a weekend here and there camping. It's our I Love Camping t-shirt, similar in concept but radically different in design from our last entry. You're out among the woods, the mountains, and the starry night sky, away from the suburban streets and city lights. In our eyes, this makes it one of the best chances that you'll have to commune with nature. As important as animals are to us, a healthy environment is just as important, wouldn't you agree? 

I heart camping

Thank you for once again taking the time to check out some of the awesomely funny t-shirts that we have for sale here at CrazyDog T-shirts. Before you go, be sure to take advantage of our automatic promo codes. Whether you want two shirts or four, you'll receive your discount automatically at checkout. Have a fantastic week! Love always, and save the whales! :)