New Funny Saint Patrick's Day T-shirts for 2017!

by William Kingston

Greetings everyone, and welcome back to our first funny t-shirt blog on the new CrazyDog T-shirts website! With just nine days to go, the entire world seems to be gearing up for Saint Patrick's Day. Luckily for you, we're here with some cool St. Patrick's Day tees. So let's dive in, shall we?

The first one that we have for you today is our incredible cute Pet Me I'm Irish shirt. If you can look at this adorable little kitten without catching a severe case of the feels, we seriously wonder if there is something wrong with your emotions. For the time being, this new design comes in both men's and women's slim fit styles. Don't worry, we have plenty of each to choose from!

You know what this country needs? It needs to Make St. Patties Day Great Again! Believe it or not, we think it' could be the best thing for the country. With the country so bitterly divided over so many issues, we feel that the one thing that could unite us as a country could be a massive celebration on March 17th. The world's most famous Irish holiday isn't just about drinking and partying. It's about togetherness, fun, and sharing a few laughs, three things we could all use right now.

Just because the color most commonly associated with St. Patrick's Day is green doesn't mean that everyone likes to wear it. Keeping that in mind, we decided to create our funny I Don't Like Wearing Green t-shirt. It's the perfect compromise. The heather gray tee is super soft, and has a tiny spot of green incorporated into the design, which should be enough to shut up anyone who takes notice at your favorite Irish pub.

Looking for something besides a tee shirt? How about a super soft hoodie, or relaxing tank top? We've got plenty of those to go around as well. Just take a look at how our I Clover Shenanigans design looks on one of our unisex hooded sweatshirts. While our tanks and hoodies do not come in quite as many sizes as our men's shirts, they are super comfortable and durable. Depending on what the weather is like in your neck of the woods, you may want to consider one of these options.

Up next, we wanted to close out with a CrazyDog classic. Our original Ask Me About My Leprechaun flip up shirt is perfect for anyone who loves to surprise people. All you have to do is wait for someone to ask you about your leprechaun, and BOOM - you have them in the palm of you green beer holding hand. Flip the shirt over your head and wait for the laughs to commence.

No matter what kind of design or look you may have in mind, we're sure that our huge catalog of designs will have something perfect for you. We even have a number of funny maternity shirts for the occasion, if you're expecting and looking for something adorable to adorn your baby bump with! Have you seen our Peeking St. Pattie's Day Baby maternity tee?

For a limited time, we are currently offering four tees the price of two. Buy two, get two free. All you have to do is put the four tees, hoodies, or tanks you want in your cart, and head to the checkout page. As long as you have four items in your cart, the discount will be automatically applied. Pretty sweet, huh?

Happy Wednesday!!