Brain Has Too Many Tabs Open T-Shirt


Uh oh. Your brain has too many tabs open! We've all felt like that before, haven't we? Check out this super cute design! It's perfect for anyone who feels exhausted, worn out, or just like they have too much to do on any given day. Our men's tee comes in sizes small through 5XL, while our snug, women's slim fit shirt only goes up to 2XL. It's the perfect gift for anyone who feels frazzled all day long.

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It's a great day for computer puns, isn't it? If you've ever felt like your brain has too many tabs open, this is probably what it looked like inside your head. If you are looking for a cool gift for someone, or you want to wear something to your next programmers convention, we think you'll love this one. This original design comes on our signature soft navy blue ringspun cotton.