Candy or Brains Halloween Youth

Tonight, it's either candy or brains! Since it's Halloween, we don't really care which! All we care about is that you do what the shirt suggests and give us one of the two. If you have a young boy or girl at home that should be using this as their rallying cry as they go trick-or-treating, we suggest you take a look at our brand new Candy or Brains Youth Style funny t-shirt.

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This snazzy new design may make use of our new glow in the dark ink, but that doesn't make it any less awesome. It is still put together incredibly well. We use the highest quality ink that we can get our hands on. After being silk screen printed right here in house by our team of experts, each shirt is cured under extreme heat. Why does that matter, you may ask? Because it means that your child's new shirt won't fade or flake away after going through the washing machine a few times. If you spend your money on a cool t-shirt, you shouldn't have to deal with it being ruined inside of a month. Make sure that you check out this and other cool youth shirts before Halloween arrives!