Cats In Santa Hats Full Print Ugly Christmas Sweater

Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal! Just kidding. Cat's aren't filthy. As a matter of fact, they lick themselves clean all the time. Today's funny t-shirt isn't about filthy cats, but cats in Santa hats! Yes, we know, that's the cutest image that you've ever heard of in your entire life. We'll give you a moment to collect yourself before we continue.
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Ever see a ton of cats in hats?! Well, you have now, and they're all represented here in our Cats in Hats Full Print Ugly Christmas Sweater Shirt. This hysterically adorable new design comes on a 100% poly shirt with long sleeves and an all over print design. This particular model shirt is a unisex design, and is ready to order today in sizes small through 3XL. Rather than try and convince you why you should purchase this fashionable item for yourself or your cat loving loved ones, all we're going to do is suggest that you look at it. Look, and become enamored with the multiple cute kitty images. Just stare at those adorable little faces in those even more adorable little Santa Claus hats. Yup, that's all it takes. You are now totally devoted to these cute kittens. Enjoy your new shirt!