Check Liver Light Is On T-shirt


Have you ever gone out and partied with your friends for a night? Did you drink beers until your check liver light came on? This new item is one of our favorite new funny drinking t-shirts, and will look amazing on you (and your friends, hint hint!) as you head out to your favorite pub! This soft cotton tee comes in both ladies slim and men's adult sizes. Sorry kids, but this one is definitely not for you!

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"My Check Liver light is on, which means that it's time for me to go. But before I go, take a look at this cool t shirt. What? What do you mean that I've already talked about that three times tonight? Oh yeah? Well, how about we step outside, and I'll kick me in the butt?"

Have you ever had a conversation with someone like that? Chances are that this design was perfect for them. While we would never, ever recommend binge drinking, we think that there are more than a few people out there who would do this tee justice. Give one as a gift today!!