Crows Before Hoes T-Shirt


We’re offering our Crows Before Hoes funny t-shirt in both women’s slim fit and men’s standard style tees. The former comes in sizes small through 2XL, while the latter is available up to a 5XL. Pretty sweet, isn’t it? Not as sweet as another episode or two would be right now, but hey, we can dream can’t we? One of our favorite cool TV & Movie t-shirts, this item is perfect for anyone who wants to show off their love of all things crow related!

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You don’t have to be a Man of the Watch to enjoy this beautiful parody t-shirt. All you have to be is a fan, and a lover of puns. Being a birder could also help, but we won’t get into that right now. What we will get into, or rather get you into, is one of our awesome Crows Before Hoes tees. Like a great many of our signature funny t-shirts, this design is inspired by an iconic television franchise. Now, we’re not going to make you recite the entire Night’s Watch Oath before you buy this item. We should, but we won’t. Besides, you’d probably just Google it anyways. What we are going to do is make it easier for everyone out there to get one. How? We’re glad you asked! Make sure that you check out this and other similar products, such as our Let it Snow design. And if you happen to be an expecting mother, you’ll love our Mother of Dragons maternity shirt. Like the tee you see in front of you, these items are made of an incredibly soft tri-blend material that is so comfy you'll want to live in it. If you have a need to satisfy your inner crow, take home this fashionable piece of apparel today!