Dachschund In Christmas Sweater Dog T-Shirt


Happy holidays dog lovers! Before you is one of our newest creations for the Christmas shopping season. This design, entitled "Dog in Christmas Sweater," is fantastic for anyone who wants to show off their love of both Christmas and dogs! Even if you don't own a Dachshund, we're betting that you will not be able to resist this utterly adorable xmas t-shirt. Who on earth could? Well, besides a cat person.  

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It is a dachshund in a Christmas sweater, which is just about the cutest thing that we have ever come up with. Just don't wear it around bigger dogs that aren't well-trained. They might try to take a bite out of your awesome new fashionable shirt. While our apparel is amazing, it is still a long way from being bite proof. That would be pretty cool, but we figure that we'll let the military develop that kind of tech. It's always good to stick to what you're best at, and we are the best at coming up with ultra soft funny t-shirts.