Dat Bump Tho Maternity Shirt

Looking for the perfect maternity shirt for someone with a sense of humor? Allow us here at CrazyDog T-shirts to help you. Whether you are hoping to find the best shirt possible for yourself, or you want to get something for your wife or girlfriend during their pregnancy, we highly recommend this flashy "Dat Bump Tho" shirt.
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Who says that maternity shirts can't be funny? Not us, that's for darn sure! We feel that if you're going to go through all of the rigors of being pregnant and carrying your child into the world, then the least you can have is a classy looking maternity shirt. While our tees are certainly classy, we also take enormous pride in making them funny, and that is the motivation behind our new "Dat Bump Tho" shirt. Like all of our shirts for expectant mothers, this new little number comes on our signature super soft and lightweight ringspun cotton. To put it mildly, this tee is so comfortable that you may just want to life in it. Well, for a few months anyways! Our "Dat Bump Tho" shirt is available in sizes small through XXL, ensuring that no matter how far along in your pregnancy you may be, you'll be able to get a size that fits you as comfortably as your baby fits inside of you.