da Vinci Ewok T-Shirt

Ewok this way and take a trip down memory lane with our awesome da Vinci t-shirt. Just make sure to wear it around an art teacher who happens to love science fiction. We bet it'll take at least a full five seconds until it kicks in for them!

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Ewok this way. Get it? It's FUNNY! ::Sigh:: Anyways, we're here to show off this awesome shirt for all of you that count yourselves as fans of the venerable science fiction franchise. Ya know, the one that you pretended to be sad about when George Lucas was removed from creative control by Disney a few years ago? Yeah, that one. This awesome da Vinci Ewok t-shirt is perfect for fans of cuddly things, science fiction, art history and funny t-shirts. That not only covers the liberal arts wing of every college in the United States, but it will also cover Star Wars as well. As one of our many parody t-shirts here at CrazyDogTshirts.com, we love taking a little nudge and jab at the things that we love, and we certainly love these little guys.