Don't Put Me Down For Naps Infant Tee

This super soft infant tee is sure to make your baby feel comfortable and cozy! It's also sure to get a number of compliments from your friends and family members. If you want to get something terrific for your baby, we suggest this new "Don't Put Me Down for Naps" infant shirt!
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Uh oh! Guess what mom and dad! Someone doesn't feel like being put down for their nap, and they're ready to let you know it with this fantastic new infant t-shirt from CrazyDog T-shirts. Our new "Don't Put Me Down For Naps" infant shirt is probably one of the only things in the whole wide world that can compete with your baby's cuteness. This beautiful new baby tee is available in four different sizes, and is made up of a high quality tri-blend. Not only is incredibly soft, but it will also be incredibly soft on your child's skin. If you're in the hunt for something adorable for your baby, and that baby seems rather fussy about taking their naps each day, we think that you'll love this one. Just make sure that you get the right size. If your little one is comfortable in their snuggly new shirt, they might be willing to go down for a nap a bit easier.