Drive 88 MPH Delorean T-Shirt


You won't believe what you see in the future! Just don't forget to pack your hoverboard! This super soft cotton shirt is made of a state-of-the-art tri-blend that will fit like your favorite vintage tee! And while our men's and women's slim fit juniors style will make awesome geeky gifts for the adults in your life, we're also proud to offer a Drive 88 Delorean Youth t-shirt for the kids who have discovered this fantastic time capsule of 80's awesomeness!

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You have to drive 88 MPH to go back to the future! Hop into your retrofitted Delorean with Marty, Doc, and Einstein, and head out into a whole world of possibilities! Whatever you do, just don't let them remake you with a modern twist. Much like the actual Delorean, there are certain things that should stay as they are. That's why we still make our funny t-shirts the same way. You can't fix perfection, you know?