Drop It Like a Squat Workout Tank Top


This funny workout tank top is a surefire hit for anyone who spends all their time in the gym. Is it a leg day? Drop it like a squat!

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Are you a gym rat? Do you work out even when you're not working out? If so, feast your eyes on one of the best tank tops that you'll ever see. We're talking to you, beefcake! When the kids in the gym drop it like a squat, drop it like a squat, drop it like a squat. This fashionable and funny tank top will be a surefire hit for anyone you know that is looking for better gym gear. Of course, this leads us to ask what exactly the best gym gear is? Aren't all tank tops alike when you get right down too it? No, they're not. Some of them are baggy, get caught on things, and are made from cheap material that ends up fading after a few washes or workouts. We prefer to make our tank tops just like we make our shirts! The material is comfortable, and the design won't fade anytime soon. That means less worries for you, and more time working on your arms, core and legs. So what are you waiting for? Get to it!