Eat Sleep Workout T-Rex

If T-Rex had longer arms, this would be easy for him! Unfortunately for him, it's not. That's okay though, because it makes for one heck of a funny design. Now get out there and start pumping iron!
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Everyone knows that T-Rex hates exercise! The poor guy would much prefer to just eat and sleep rather than have to deal with the workout. Fortunately for you, we've got this awesome new design that shows him in all of his workout glory. More than just another one of our epic funny t-shirts, this new design is the perfect thing to wear as you stroll into the gym. The design may take a few people a minute to get, but when they do, they're going to start laughing. The notion of a T-Rex doing push ups? With those scrawny arms? Come on, who wouldn't find that funny? We'll put it this way. If someone doesn't at least chuckle at this design, they probably don't do much laughing in general. Our men's modern style comes in sizes small through 5XL, while our women's slim fit goes up to 2XL. If you're wondering how our super soft tees will fit you, we recommend consulting our size chart.