Echo Base Bar at Hoth T-Shirt

Like those beautiful new tees, this item comes in both men’s and women’s slim fit tees. Available in sizes small through 5XL, this tee is screen printed here at the main CrazyDog T-shirts facility here in Rochester, New York. After our team of expert designers comes up with an original concept, our group of experienced screen printers takes as much care as possible to ensure that your tee does not come off the dryer without any flaws. Make sure you get yours today, or else we cannot guarantee that the force will not be with you!

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If you haven’t spent any time in the Echo Base Bar at Hoth, you’re truly missing out. Not only do they have the frostiest mug this side of the outer rim territories, but they also have a huge variety of iced and cold beverages. It’s not that they haven’t had a demand for hot beverages at this amazing establishment. It’s just that they physically haven’t found a way to heat things up above minus 30 degrees yet. However, they do make up for it with free Tauntaun parking! If we can be honest with you, we think that this t-shirt rules. It’s nostalgic without being cheesy. It parodies one of the most iconic movie franchises of all time without being too obvious, desperate, or ugly. A lot of companies have tried to make funny Star Wars parody apparel, but like a poor marksman, they keep missing the bullseye. But where they have failed, we will succeed! This is one of the coolest funny t-shirts that we’ve come up with in quite some time. In fact, the only ones that come close are the other parody tees that we came up with recently. Our Mos Eisley Cantina Bar and Endor Brewing Co Ewok IPA designs are right up there.