Element of Darkknightium T-Shirt


Want to show of your love of the new element of Darkknightium? We’re here to help. This handsome new shirt is available in both traditional men’s and women’s slim fit, ensuring that you’ll have the perfect shirt on when you go to fight crime! If you like this design but prefer something a tad more bold, check out our awesome new One Workout Closer to Being Batman t-shirt and tank top! And if you happen to want to form your own league for justice with your friends, we also want to recommend our Element of Kryptonite t-shirt!

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Rejoice, comic fans! A new element has been discovered, which is called “Darkknightium,” could shake the very fabric of science as we know it. Like many new natural elements, it will undoubtedly be realized in dozens of practical applications over the coming years. It also helps that it happens to be composed of pure awesome. Adorning yourself with this element could render the wearer with a sense of confidence, and the ability to move in and out of the shadows. It could also make it possible for one to fight off numerous bad guys without leaving a trace behind. Come on. You know that whether a nerd convention is in town or not, you definitely will want to get in on this one. Printed on one of our signature black super soft t-shirts with high quality yellow ink, this awesome tee could be the perfect thing for you to wear the next time you and your friends have a meeting to discuss which of your favorite superheroes could beat up their favorite superheroes. After all, there’s nothing like showing up with one of our funny element t-shirts to automatically trump whatever logical argument they were going to make.