Element of Kryptonite T-Shirt


Our Element of Kryptonite t-shirt could make the perfect gift for fans of comics and comic book movies. If you're looking for something fun to give to someone special before their birthday this year, we suggest taking this one out for a spin. Just don't credit us when you give your victory speech above the beaten hero! We don't need that kind of publicity! Looking for other awesome designs? Check out our Element of Darkknightium tee!

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Attention super villains! The ultimate element is here, and it is the Element of Kryptonite! Pretty sweet, isn't it? Before you decide to unleash your plans to conquer the world and defeat the super man that wants to stop you, you'll probably want to sit back and read this description first. This super soft shirt comes on our signature black ringspun cotton, and features a completely original "element" graphic on the front. This fashionable piece of apparel is available in both men's modern and women's slim fit styles. If you're worried about looking unkempt during your battle with the good guy, you should know that we have pieces ready to go in sizes small through 4XL. Of course, there are other reasons to wear this shirt that don't include global domination. It's always cool to show up to a movie night with something topical on, wouldn't you agree?