Element of Stealth Ninja


There are two ways to talk about the elements of stealth. For some, they involve years of mental and physical training, as well as studying various martial arts and covert movements. People who subscribe to this notion believe that the process can take years, if not decades. Then there are people like us, who think that the Element of Stealth is Ni-Nj-A. Ninja! Get it? It's funny, and that's why it's on one of our favorite funny Element t-shirts!

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Our super soft element of stealth ninja shirt is perfect for people who love sneaking around and karate-chopping. It could also work well for those of you who just want something fantastic to wear. This original graphic design not only comes on our men's and women's slim fitting tees, but a number of other products as well! This design became so popular that we decided to dramatically increase the variety of products available to awesome customers like you. Looking for a beautiful baby creeper or infant tee? How about a comfortable hoodie or women's v-neck? Heck, we've ever got duvet covers, shower curtains, and cotton canvas tote bags! Oh yeah, we've also got youth style shirts available as well. Get 'em before they disappear. Get it? Disappear?