Fun Run at Camp Crystal Lake T-Shirt


Did you just hear something? No? Okay, good. We were worried for a second. We've heard rumors about Camp Crystal Lake since the early eighties, but we're glad to see that those were just a bunch of malarkey. So much for the great and powerful Jason Voorhees! You hear that Jason? We know you're not real, and we know that Freddy was scarier anyway--- ACK!!

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You'll definitely get in a great cardio workout when you participate in the fun run at Camp Crystal Lake. Run from Jason the maniac. If you survive, you win! Whether you are looking for the perfect Halloween shirt, or you just want something that is perfect for all of your movie nerd friends, this shirt could be the perfect catch. If this one isn't your particular cup of tea, we think that you'll enjoy another one of our classic designs, such as our Camp Crystal Lake Counselor t-shirt! This incredibly popular design is one of our all time favorites, which is why we suggest getting one ASAP. After all, you don't Jason to end up chasing you, do you. We offer this design for both men and women. While our women's slim options come in sizes small through 2XL, they do tend to run a tad snug. Our men's (unisex) fit on the other hand? That one goes all the way up to 5XL!