These Funny T-shirts Break Down Humor and Pop Culture Into it's Basic Element. Soft, Stylish, and Cool Tees!

Funny Element T-Shirts for Every Science Geek. 

We have a huge collection of Element Tees that will look amazing on any science geek. While those have their own section, we are happy to display some of them here, such as our Element of Stealth tee! We have cool awesome nerd clothes you can be proud of. We are pleased to inform you that there is no need to hang your head in shame. It is no longer 1985, which means that the star pitchers and quarterbacks are no longer the coolest ones out there. Those individuals do of course still matter, but they're not the ones that you' call if you needed someone to help strengthen your internet connection. Look at how many people that make the pilgrimage to events like Comic-Con each year. It's insane.

Cool Nerdy Tees for Guys and Girls Who Love Soft Apparel!

If you need further proof, all you need to do is look at the buzz that movies like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Star Wars generate, and you'll see just how powerful the nerd force has become. Each of our super soft Element shirts is available in a wide range of sizes. Most come in several different styles! Our primary focus may be on creating funny t-shirts for men and women, but we have in recent years brached out into other areas. Whether you are looking for a fantastic gift for someone else, or you just want to buy yourself a present, we hope you'll do it here at CrazyDog.