Geology Rocks T-Shirt


This utterly adorable pun tee comes on one of our signature ringspun cotton tees, and is available in a wide-range of sizes! Our men's modern fitted tees come in sizes small through 4XL, while our women's slim come in small through 2XL. As for those youth tees we proudly offer? There are four sizes to choose from there as well! Allow us to help you rock on, people! Get it? Rock on?

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What's the coolest pun you can tell in the science wing of any College in the world? Geology Rocks!! Get it? Geology? Rocks? It's funny, and that's why we're putting it on a funny t-shirt! Some of our cool t-shirts are on the more sophisticated side, while others remind you of older movies and inside jokes. And then there are tees like this one. No fuss, no muss. Just a plain and simple pun. Some people like rocks, while others LOVE them. Calvin called them ballistic missiles from god on the comics page in the newspapers. Others spend weeks writing a thesis paper on them for their college degree. There have been oodles of studies, documentaries, books and websites thrown together over one of the most basic things found in nature. Why? Because geology rocks. That's why!