Get Lucky Glitter St Paddy Raglan


After all, who doesn’t need a little bit of luck from time to time? Maybe this shirt isn’t meant to just be work around March 17th. Maybe it’s meant to show off the fact that you are here to be lucky. With a little luck, maybe that little bit of luck will rub off on all of those around you! Now, get out there, grab your four-leaf clover, and raise your green beer to the ceiling. You’ve got a fun day to celebrate, ladies!

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No sir, this shirt is not some kind of shameless double entendre intended to lure your attention away from all of your intoxicated friends at the parade on Saint Patrick’s Day. Our new “Get Lucky” women’s raglan shirts are here for those girls that want to show off the true luck of the Irish. Printed on a slick white and green vintage Raglan style shirt, our brand new “Get Lucky” women’s shirt will look good on just about anyone. Well, anyone that happens to be a girl that is. This vintage style shirt will make you the proverbial lucky charm, getting all the attention and looking the best out of every single one of your friends. And while most of our Saint Patrick’s Day shirts could be considered to be somewhat exclusive to the holiday and its surrounding weekends, this shirt could look fabulous on you any time of year!