Stand Back I'm Going To Try Science


Whether we’re trying to launch a new model rocket into the stratosphere, preparing a new chemical bonding agent, or trying to prove that alien life exists once and for all, it’s all in the big wonderful wide world of science. Science is amazing, but not quite as amazing as this funny science t-shirt! This classic CrazyDog T-shirts design is screen printed onto our signature red ringspun cotton tees, which is not only super soft, but long lasting as well!

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All right everyone! I need you to stand clear and make sure that your protective goggles and smocks are securely on your person. We don’t know what is going to happen, but we know that it’s going to be pretty cool. We need you to stand back! I’m going to try science! Whether you are interested in a women’s slim fit or a men’s modern, we’ve got something here on our shelves for you! You will absolutely love how you feel in this fashionable yet studious piece of apparel. Our cool nerdy shirts are so amazing, that if you wear it to your science class, you’re guaranteed to get an ‘A’ for the semester. Okay, maybe we stretched the truth a bit on that last part. Still. It’s amazing, isn’t it? Make sure that you get one of our classic Stand Back I’m Going to Try Science tees today! The world is always in need of new scientists, so make sure that you get your geek on. You never know! This cool tee could be the one that inspires someone to make a real warp drive, a cure for cancer, or a way to make puppies even cuter!