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It's our graphic headphones t-shirt, and it's here to rock your world. Or maybe, it's "hear" to rock your world. Get it? He he he. Anyways, this cool t-shirt is perfect for musicians, DJ's, and general music lovers. If you're looking for variations on this theme, we suggest you check out our Glowing Headphones Tee, which is made with our signature glow in the dark ink!

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Have you ever wanted to have an awesome pair of headphones with you wherever you go? You should check out our classic Headphones t-shirt. The design is 100% original to our website, and comes on two stylish tees. This funny t-shirt is made with our signature tri-blend apparel, could make an excellent gift for anyone who wants to give the gift of music...well, kind of. In any event, it's still one heck of a cool shirt, don't you think? Get yours and start rocking out now!