Hipster Cat T-shirt


Some people want to be cool. They want it so bad that they become hipsters. Despite all their efforts, there is nothing cooler than the mighty hipster cat. Just don't tell this kitty that he's cool. He'll just think that you're trying to suck up to him. As a matter of fact, our hipster cat is so cool that he wouldn't even wear this funny t-shirt, and it's got HIS image on it!

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Just look at this adorable little hipster kitty! He's wearing sunglasses, a scarf, and is even rocking a messenger bag. To top it all off, he's drinking coffee! Isn't that the cutest thing that you've ever seen? Awwww! Whoops, sorry, we just get so caught up when we look at this little guy. Anyways, this design is screen printed onto a high quality, super soft ringspun cotton tee right here in our Rochester, New York facility.

Not only do we offer it in a wide range of sizes, but in two different styles as well. Some of you may prefer our women's slim fit, while others may want our men's modern (unisex) design. Either way, by wearing this cool t-shirt, you will be ascending to the highest plane of existence, where cats and hipsters are merged into one perfect entity. Better get one quickly, before they go out of style. Just kidding! There's no way a shirt this cute could ever go out of fashion.