I Find This Humerus


When is a funny t-shirt more than funny? When it's humerus! Get it? Get it? Okay, some maybe some of our jokes are bad, but that doesn't mean this shirt is! In fact, we think that this classic CrazyDog design is one of the best we've ever put out! It's one of the reasons why we not only have kept screen printing it onto gorgeous red ringspun cotton shirts, but have put it onto comfortable hoodies and cotton canvas tote bags as well. We also put it on an ultra soft baby creeper! See what we did there? That's called a cheap plug!

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This design is screen printed by our crackerjack screen printers right here in our Rochester, New York printing facility. Each one is carefully examined for flaws, so that we can make sure that we only send you the very best product. After all, if you're going to spend the cash you work hard for on something, we want it to be worth your while. This t-shirt is available in both our signature women's slim fit and our men's modern (unisex) fit. The former comes in sizes small through 2XL, while the latter goes up to the mighty 5XL. No matter what your shape or sizes may be, if you find stuff humorous, then we want to help you express it with one of these cool t-shirts. All that's left for you to do is to buy one and slap it on. That's not so hard, is it? And if people roll their eyes at the pun when they see you out in public with this shirt, just ignore them. It's not your fault that they have no sense of "humer." (Get it?)