I Demand Candy or Wine T-Shirt

Check it out ladies! Today, we've got a brand new funny t-shirt that's just for you! Our brand new I Demand Candy or Wine tee is perfect for anyone who loves candy or wine. Let's face it, that's just about every single one of us, isn't it? This new women's slim fitting style shirt comes in sizes small, medium, large, extra large, and 2XL. No matter what size you may need, we're confident that we will be able to help you out.

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It's either candy or wine! Whichever one you prefer, we're sure that you'll end up happy. Whether you are intent on going to a Halloween party in style, or you want to give a gift to someone who is, we think that this fashionable piece of women's apparel is perfect. What's even better is that we can get it to you just about anywhere! We ship to dozens of countries you know... Sorry gentlemen, but this one is only available for the ladies. Now, if we suddenly get a flood of fan mail from men desperately telling us that they enjoy having to choose between candy and wine this time of year, then fine, we'll offer it in men's sizes. Until then, it's staying with one option. If a guy really wants to order one of these, that's okay. We don't judge! Vamp it up dudes! We hope you all have a great Halloween season, and ask only that you take us along for the ride!