I Enjoy Green Shirts T-Shirt

Available in both men‰Ûªs and women‰Ûªs styles, this funny t-shirt is here for each of you that loves showing off your colors on March 17th! There is nothing better than joining in the festivities. Just make sure you show up in green. Remember, you don‰Ûªt want to be wearing something else at the pub when everyone else is holding a green beer!

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Do you love green shirts? Sure you do. Even if you don‰Ûªt, you should. Green shirts are awesome, especially when they are celebrating the wonderful world of Saint Patrick‰Ûªs Day. Have you ever seen an individual wearing a bright yellow or red shirt on Saint Patrick‰Ûªs Day? It‰Ûªs like wearing white after Labor Day, drinking red wine with fish, or watching a soap opera while playing death metal in the background. Because of this, we decided to come up with our ‰ÛÏI Love Green Shirts‰Û tee. Some people may think of this as just another in a long line of cool t-shirts from us here at CrazyDog T-shirts. We however, think of it as much more than that. Our ‰ÛÏI Love Green Shirts‰Û design is a simple and effective way to have a blast on Saint Patrick‰Ûªs Day without going overboard. Subtlety may be considered to be a lost art form, by some, but we‰Ûªre bringing it back.