I Have Mixed Drinks About Feelings T-Shirt

This shirt is one of the coolest things that we come out with in quite some time. This original text design is available in both women's slim and men's modern styles. While our women's tees are available in sizes small through XXL, our men's tees go up to a whopping 4XL. See that people? No matter what size you are, we've got a I Have Mixed Drinks About Feelings t-shirt that will fit you like a glove!

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I'm not really sure how I'm feeling about those feelings. Sometimes I have mixed drinks about them. Of course, some people try not think about their feelings, hence why they drink. But we're not here to debate social situations and feelings! We're just here to show you a few funny t-shirts! There's nothing better than showing off your sense of humor while you're out on the town. Of course, a cool t-shirt like this one could be worn in places other than bars! As a matter of fact, the only place we don't recommend that you wear this t-shirt is in church.