I Heart Chocolate T-Shirt - Chocolate Scented Ink


Who wouldn't want to go around smelling like chocolate all day? Well, before you haul off and smother yourself in chocolate bars or buy overly priced cologne or perfume, we think you should take a look at our I Heart Chocolate t-shirt. This item features our brand new chocolate scented ink, and comes in a wide range of sizes. Our youth style ranges from S-XL, and our women's slim juniors fit runs between S-2XL. And just in case you happen to be in the market, this cute design also comes on our I Heart Chocolate maternity shirt

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No, we're not kidding. This funny t-shirt has real chocolate scented ink! Much like our brand new I Heart Bacon tee and I Heart Coffee design, this cool shirt uses our state-of-the-art scented ink. No, it's not a scratch and sniff, which is nice if you're someone who doesn't like people reaching out and touching you out of nowhere. Grab one of these as a gift for yourself (or someone special) today!