I've Got Bad News Infant Tee

There's nothing more adorable that a beautiful baby, which is why we've put a great deal of effort into putting out a ton of these new funny t-shirts specifically for infants. Want to give your kid something adorable? Do you have a niece, nephew or grandchild that you need to get a birthday or holiday present for? We here at CrazyDog HQ have got you covered with our new "I've Got Bad News" infant shirt!
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Mom? Dad? I've got some bad news for you. It's poop! If you're a parent, then you know this routine all too well! It's something that you have to deal with. Thankfully your little boy or girl is cute enough to make it worth the while! If you want something adorable for your child, make sure that you check out this new infant tee from all of us here at CrazyDog T-shirts! Do you have a little girl or boy who seems to love nothing more than making a mess in their diaper? This new infant shirt is for you! We made this comfortable cotton tee available in four sizes, ensuring that whether your baby is three months old or two years old, you'll have no trouble finding the right size!