I've Had It Up To Here With Elves T-Shirt

Have you had it up to here with Elves? So have we! When they're not underfoot, they're creating toys that break a few days after being unwrapped. Humbug!

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With all due respect to the elf loving community, we've had just about enough of these little pests. They're always underfoot, creating a bunch of toys that break days after being unwrapped. They've also ruined more than their fair share of otherwise perfect Christmas movies. Remember "E.L.F.S." in The Santa Clause? We certainly do, and we're still cringing about it. In any event, we think this could be the perfect Christmas gift for that friend or relative that just can't stand the holiday season. There's one in every group, and now there's one shirt that is guaranteed to put a smile on their face. Unless it doesn't. Some people are just beyond help this time of year. Printed on our super soft t-shirts, this funny Christmas elf design could be the perfect comfortable gift. And if by chance you don't happen to have any grumpy friends who hate elves as much as you do, buy it for yourselves! We won't tell!