I Want a T-Rex Maternity Shirt

Whether you're expecting your first, second, or fourth child, it never gets any easier carrying them to term. That's why we wanted to give all of the mommies out there a chance to laugh. If you're laughing and sharing in a joke with your friends, you're not thinking about how uncomfortable you fee. We think that there's nothing better than that, and we're sure that you'll agree too, especially when it comes to our new "I Want a T-Rex" shirt for expecting mothers!

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How awesome would it be to have a baby T-Rex? No, seriously. We know that it sounds like something out of the plot of Jurassic Park or Jurassic World, but think about it. They grow up fast, and they're cute and cuddly for about a week. After that, you may want to look into building a big separate house for your new scaly offspring. Anyways! This beautiful and funny new maternity t-shirt is available in sizes small through XXL, and is made on a super soft and lightweight ringspun cotton. Did we mention that it's ruched as well for extra comfort? Well, it is! We spared no expense when it comes to making beautiful maternity shirts for all of you expecting mothers out there! One of the many funny t-shirts we offer in our maternity line, we hope you enjoy wearing it as much as we enjoyed designing and screen printing it. Just make sure to practice your T-Rex roars. It'll really sell it to your friends when you wear our "I Want a T-Rex" maternity tee.