Ice Cream Ultrasound Maternity Shirt


Make sure that when you have your ultrasound, you double check the results. If you've eaten enough ice cream, you may find an ice cream cone looking back at you!

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Hey future dads and partners of pregnant women, we've got a little pop quiz for you! Do you think that there's anything your significant other wants more for a snack than ice cream? If there is, you'd better call some research scientists, because you may have just made a profound discovery. In the meantime however, we're going to continue to operate under the guise that ice cream is still the most desired snack during pregnancy. It is thoughts like that that led to this brand new Ice Cream Ultrasound maternity shirt. Isn't it adorable? Silk screen printed right here in our Rochester, New York warehouse, this original design is placed onto a super soft and comfortable ringspun cotton shirt with ruched sides. If you don't mind us saying so, it's pretty dark cool! Are you looking for a great gift for the expecting mother in your life? Are you pregnant, and want to give yourself a great little gift that will make people laugh? You've come to the right place.