In Case of Zombies Break Glass T-Shirt

This awesome new tee is available in men‰Ûªs, kid‰Ûªs and women‰Ûªs slim fit sizes, which is fantastic, because it‰Ûªs important to make sure that your whole family is prepared. Don‰Ûªt get caught with your proverbial pants down when the zombies invade!

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Abandon all hope, unless you‰Ûªre prepared for combat with an endless horde of zombies! There is nothing worse than being caught in a corner office somewhere with a dozen or so undead creatures attempting to get inside and snack on your brains. The only thing that could help you is being prepared ahead of time. For that, we recommend starting with our new ‰ÛÏIn Case of Zombies Break Glass‰Û t-shirt. We think that this kind of shirt is perfect for anyone who wants to make sure that you have the right stuff to survive when the zombies invade. Instead of a fire extinguisher or an ax (which would be handy), we think that the two items contained in this emergency case are the most essential for a nightmare scenario like the Zombie Apocalypse! You have your distraction item, and your execution item. The first one is a human brain, and the second one is a gun. First you feed them, then you pop them. After that, make sure that you get away as fast as you can. You never know when another one of those monsters will be rounding the corner!